Tiffany Stone(The Story)

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The very real Hollywood Journalist and Script Reader Tiffany Stone was written into this story so it could be labeled fiction, but this really happened and even the stories author Tim Mack can not come up with a logical explanation of why this happened.

He thought. “What kind of dream is this?”He felt as if he were in a dream that he couldn’t awaken from.

He thought. “I must awaken from this dream and take charge of myself. But how? How can I awaken?”At last,Guest Posting he was no longer soaring above the ocean at warp speed. He could feel his body, now splash into the water, as the impact pulled his clothes off. Now he could feel a terrible wet chill.

As waves crashed over him, he started to awake, but the waters were so frigid, he could feel himself going into a state of hyperthermia.

He thought. “I’m gone, and there is no Canada that I will see.

“After a time, he could feel lips pressed on his. The lips were soft and sweet. He could smell the scent of a fresh morning bubble bath. He could feel hot air blowing into his mouth. But he could not move. His eyes refused to open. But he could feel the sun now. Then he felt tender fingers touch his face.

Hands were now pressing on his stomach and water started to flow from out of his mouth. He felt hot air again blow inside his mouth.

Gentle fingers touched his wrist, as he heard a female voice cry out.” A pulse, a pulse.”

He layed their helpless on the beach. He could not move, he could not see. He felt only the sensation of feminine hands all over his body.

Then he heard a female voice cry out. “Body heat. He must have lots of body heat. Its his only chance to get warm enough to survive.”

His eyes, then started to open very slightly. He saw a woman standing over him, she had long strawberry blond hair that was rich with curls.

She was quickly undressing and revealing very, full and beautiful, breasts, a slim, wasteline and very, firm thighs. He then felt her body go underneath his. But, yet, then again, he saw the same woman standing over him and quickly undressing, yet, she was wearing different clothes.

Then she placed her body on top of his.

He thought. “What kind of woman, can be on top of me, and underneath me at the same time?”And then he thought.

“Could this be Hell?”"And I be damned.”

“To feel this lust.”

“Yet to frozen be.”

“What were my sins?”

“For this to be.”

“Frozen so helpless.”

“Here for all eternity.”

Suddenly, he started to feel a rush of heat spreading, all over his body. The heat from the woman’s body above him, combined with the heat of the womans body underneath him was thawing him out rapidly now.

Then he thought.

“What madness can this be?”"If I am not dead.”

“I must be mad.”

“To lie here with a woman that.”

“That has two sets of hands.”

“That warms me with two bodies yet.”

“I may be back on earth again.”

“But for sure, my mind.”

“It must be gone.”

Just then, he heard the sounds of laughter.

A female voice cried out. “A butterfly, a butterfly.

“Another female voice, cried out. “Where?”The other female voice replied. “On his butt. On his butt. He has a butterfly tatto on his butt.”

Suddenly, he started to laugh. He said. “Oh, the butterffly. That was a very drunken night in Singapore.”

He asked. “What ailment do I have, that I am seeing and hearing two of you?”They both laughed together, and said. “We are twin sisters.”

He laughed and said. “Oh, you mean that I have not gone mad.”

“Thank you both for what you’ve done.” He said.

One of the twins said. “We couldn’t think of any a faster way to warm you up then using our combined body heat.”

He smiled and said. “That was a lot more fun than hot soup.”

One of the twins then said. “Come with us and we will give you a hot bath and get you some dry clothes to wear.”

“The hot water felt good and it was nice to get that salty water off his body.” He thought.

One of the twins said. “These are my brothers clothes, I think you are about the same size, he doesn’t need to share them with a butterfly, but try them on, I think they will fit. But don’t be in any big hurry eh.”

He put the clothes on, and said. “The butterfly is very happy.”

They both laughed, and one of the twins, poured him a Scotch, and said. “Here this will put some hair on your butterfly.”

Once they realised he was okay, they became very curious and one of the twins asked. “How did it happen, that you washed up on this far away island?”He told them, “I’m not exactly sure myself, but I will tell you what I can.”

He told his twin rescuers. “I had fallen asleep on a couch on my ship and then somehow, I washed up ashore on your enchanting island. It makes no sense, but here I am. All I can remember is that I felt an incredible urge to smell a womans sweet perfume.”

“Here you are how?” The other twin sister asked.

“I wished myself here is my only explanation.” He said.

“I feel like being somewhere, where there is music and dancing.” He said.

“And somewhere where you can smell lots of women’s perfume eh.” One of the twins remarked.

“Yes, I confess. I need to fill up my nostrils with the sweet scent of women and their perfume.” He said with a smile.

“Sure you’re not needing any more then just a sniff of a women?” One of the twins remarked with a seductive smile.

The twins then directed him to the only bar on the island. He liked the music and the place was packed with beautiful women. Noticing a woman leaning over the juke box whose breasts were bouncing in her tight top, he winked seductively and asked. “Could you play You Sexy Thing for me?”She looked at Kevin as if he were piece of chocolate candy and said. “If I’m dreaming this don’t anyone wake me.”

“My name is Kevin. And where have you been all my life?” He said”My name is Bernice. And I’ve been right here just waiting for you to walk in the door.” She said.

Kevin moved his head close to her neck and said. “I love how you smell.”

She put her arms around Kevin and said. “He’s mine. I’ll not be sleeping in a cold bed tonight.”

Kevin then gazed into her eyes seductively and kissed her, as he felt her breasts press pleasantly against his chest.

Kevin thought to himself. “Its fanstastic that this place is filled with beautiful women. But why am I the only guy here?”Just then one of the twins waved them over and said. “Come and sit with us. We ordered drinks for everyone.”

Kevin took a swig of his drink and asked. “Am I in heaven, or is this a lesbian bar?”The twin sisters laughed and said. “No, its just that all the men on the island are out fishing and you’re the only male on the entire island at the moment.”

It seemed as if every women in the place wanted to dance with him. The music was great, and word had gotten around about the butterfly tatto on his butt, and the women seemed to be enjoying him being the butt of all their jokes, so to say.

The woman behind the bar suddeny cleared the top of the bar counter and yelled.

“Come on sailor hop up on the counter and give us a dance”. As You Sexy Thing started to play.

Being a good sport, Kevin jumped up and started dancing. Kevin started to playfuly unbutton his shirt as a bunch of woman started yelling.

“Take it off. Take it all off sailor. We want to see the butterfly.”

Kevin thought to himslef. “I’ll just strip down to my underwear.”

Now with Kevin wearing only his shorts, the woman now sreamed loudly the words.

“Take it off. Take it all off. We want to see the butterfly.”

Kevin yelled back. “Okay ladies. But this will have to be our own little secret. The UCMJ(Uniform Code Military Justice} doesn’t allow me to be lewd. At least not in uniform anyway. But hey. I guess I’m not in uniform today anyway eh.”

As Kevin turned around and lowered his shorts, the ladies clapped wildly at the site of his butterfly.

Hearing cameras clicking, Kevin pulled his shorts back up and turned around an


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